dream it.

what started as a personal project to share recipes on youtube has turned into my own journey of self discovery and weekly jep tong hashtags (jep tong literally means stomach pain, which you may think of as an uncomfortable experience but to me, if it isn't setting your mouth OR YOUR HEART on fire, it's not worth having).

between the lights, cameras, pots & pans and the outpouring of support, i have adapted a life philosophy of "dream it then real life it". i am also finding a rising community of laotian talent on cybersapce: chefs, home-cooks, artists, musicians and designers who have inspired me to create a place where we could all connect through our passions.

so i invite you to find your own heart burning sensation. share a recipe with your friends and family. and leave a trail of magic in everything you do.

thank you to everyone who has let me into your home. this is now my chance to let you into mine.

welcome to my house.